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Dr. Johnson enjoys diagnostics because it is like having to solve a good mystery and many cases are individually unique.  To aid in the diagnosis we have a new X-Ray machine and digital processor.  The digital processor gives us a clearer picture of potential problems and we can zoom in and out without any distortion.  We also email the client a jpg image of the X-Ray for their own personal record or to show friends and family.  Surgeries is another forte of Dr. Johnson's and we have a complete surgical suite for most general surgeries.  She is however; a big advocate of using a conservative approach, if appropriate, to a problem before performing surgical procedures.  She is all about saving the client money.  We also have an in house lab and use an outsource lab for diagnostic analysis.  We are into practicing preventative medicine and education of clients to prevent many of the common issues that cause a pet to have to have surgery or recurring visits. 

One preventative measure to avoid problems with internal organs is dental cleanings.  We perform a great number of dental cleanings as part of a yearly physical exam, laboratory analysis and vaccination program.  By maintaining a healthy mouth we are able to reduce the bacterial effects on the Heart, Liver, and Kidneys.   

Specialties //

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer state of the art digital x-ray processing


Advantages of Digital x-rays Over Traditional Chemical Processed Film X-Rays :

  • Less time to take and are easier to process than traditional film x-rays

  • Fewer retakes means less exposure for your pet

  • Better quality viewing capabilities than traditional film x-rays.  Can be immediately enlarged to see bone and/or soft tissue in a single exposure

  • Take the waiting out of the development process allowing us to see what is going on immediately

  • Prevent issues from going undetected and/or missed

  • Decrease the time your pet has to be on the x-ray table

  • Are easily stored on a computer

  • Can be easily transferred to other Veterinarians when referrals are needed

  • Are less expensive and more environmentally-friendly

  • We are able to email you a JPG image of the x-ray

Dental Health



- Your pets teeth should be checked and cleaned at least once a year


- Change in behavior could be dental related


- Pain in and around the mouth could suggest a dental issue

- Teeth that are discolored or covered in tarter need professional dental cleaning

- Abnormal chewing, drooling, tenderness can all be indications of dental issues

- Always be careful when evaluating your pet’s mouth, because an animal in pain   

  may bite.

The tooth above is fractured in half

Tumor Removal


This tumor removal was a five hour surgery procedure preformed on an 11 year old Pointer.  The dog has several other small tumors.  For quality of life reasons the owner wanted the tumor removed.  The tumor was an aggressive fast growing tumor.



We perform all "standard" surgical procedures from spay and neuter to c-sections and tumor removal.  

Click on the pointer above and drag it left or right



This is an X-Ray of a large pit bull puppy which we had to perform a C-Section on in July 2019.​  The mother was about 55 pounds and the father was about 100 pounds.  The puppy weighted in at about 1.5 pounds at delivery.

T Rex Xray.jpg
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