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At Peppertree Vet Clinic our commitment to providing our clients with personalized service that consistently exceeds their expectation continues to be our guiding philosophy.  We live by the following Credos:

Credo #1

We make our clinic a place you can feel comfortable and relaxed.  Where you are like family.  You are not a number, you are a very important person to us.  You will not be rushed and there are no 15-minute time limited appointments.  Everyone goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Credo #2

We are dedicated to tailoring our treatment plan to fit Your unique needs.  Every client, every patient is unique and a cookie cutter approach to a problem is not always the right solution.

Credo #3

We will provide a clean healthy environment for you and your pet.  We strive hard to ensure that our facility does not smell like an animal clinic and provide a clean, professional well-maintained looking facility.

Credo #4

We will educate and train you in how to best care for Your pet.  What to do in an emergency to care for your pet.  Teach you how to break the cycle of repeat visits and keep your hard-earned money for other Necessities of life.

Credo #5

We will provide the best medical equipment, knowledge, and service that we can.  If we can’t handle your particular medical situation, we do not hesitate to refer you to a doctor or facility that can help you.  We stay current through continuing education, working with our suppliers on new and innovative products and attending training seminars sponsored by the local and regional veterinary organizations.

Peppertree Veterinary Clinic Philosophy
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